At MERGA INDUSTRIELS, we take care of insuring the data transmitted via Internet is rigorously controlled. Rest assured that we take your privacy seriously and protect your personal information, its use and communication. The present Privacy statement details the data protection policy by MERGA INDUSTRIELS.

By registering on this site, and submitting some personal information either via our site or by purchasing an item, or by accessing in any other way, you agree with the terms of this Privacy policy and you consent to the policies and practices described for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information and you formally agree that we collect, stock, use or disclose the data you provide us with, as stipulated in this Privacy policy.


For the purchase of products, MERGA INDUSTRIELS requires that you submit your name, address, email and if you agree, other information.

The information MERGA INDUSTRIELS gathered about you allows continuous customization and improvement of services provided when you visit This information is as follows:

The information you provide

We receive and keep a record of all your personal information submitted on our Website, except for your credit card information. You are not required to provide us with specific details; however, that may restrict your access to certain services. The information found in your record helps us handle requests, customize buys and improve our store as well as all communications with you.

We agree to keep your personal information confidential to a reasonable extent during this process if you agree that we use the data submitted to, amongst other things:

  • Send you the goods you buy;
  • Provide you with the best services;
  • Resolve conflicts, collect fees and diagnose problems;
  • Prohibit forbidden potential or illegal practices and apply our TERMS & CONDITIONS and the conditions of this Privacy Policy;
  • Personalize, measure and improve our services and content;
  • Inquire about our products and services, our target marketing, products and services updates and special offers;
  • Validate its accuracy and verify it with you and authorized third parties, if need be.

We conduct routine information checks since such an update is essential to achieve the goals for which such information is collected, as mentioned in the above Privacy policy. You formally consent to our routine checks with respect to your data and, when needed, that we ask for your assistance to trigger your personal information update.

The information collected automatically

When visiting the site, we may collect and store specific data about you. As with other sites, we for instance use cookies to obtain certain information when your Web browser accesses


MERGA INDUSTRIELS does not disclose any information to unauthorized third parties to the Site without your prior consent. The information collected is strictly visible and used by the e-store.

The information provided enables MERGA INDUSTRIELS to open an account in your name, to process your order, to contact you to discuss your order if necessary, to personalize contact with you and to send you, if you so authorize us, a customized newsletter about the site and its products. Furthermore, MERGA INDUSTRIELS does not sell its lists of Website users. You always have the option to request that you no longer receive the newsletter or its list of products, by specifying it in the ''MY ACCOUNT'' section.

Only MERGA INDUSTRIELS employees and its duly authorized representatives can have access to your file strictly in their carrying out of duties.


MERGA INDUSTRIELS has established state-of-the-art security measures to protect you against loss or unauthorized use of your personal information under the supervision of MERGA INDUSTRIELS, with the exception of information related to your credit card that is not kept by MERGA INDUSTRIELS.

As most important Canadian banks, the servers of use the latest technology of information transmission called "Secure Socket Layers" (SSL encryptions 128 bits), which makes data transmission very safe.

All your personal information is encrypted by SSL as you type it, which makes it impossible for anyone to read your data during its transfer via Internet. No information linked to your order, including your name, address and credit card number, travels on Internet.

Furthermore, the servers of are protected by a firewall technology. MERGA INDUSTRIELS ensures its state-of-the-art equipment is always up to date in order to ensure transactions remain secure at all times on its site.

However, no security system is perfect and you must be aware that there is always a certain level of risk that personal information transmitted to may be disclosed without fault on the part of MERGA INDUSTRIELS and without your consent.

MERGA INDUSTRIELS disclaims any liability regarding such confidential information about you may be disclosed.

Note that in ensuring your security, no information regarding your credit cards is kept on the servers used by If you are concerned about the use of your credit card on the Internet, MERGA INDUSTRIELS invites you to place your order by phone and to talk to one of our representatives at

MERGA INDUSTRIELS reserves the right to amend the present Privacy policy at any time.

MERGA INDUSTRIELS also reserves the right to transmit collected information about you if it has to according to law or should it protects its site property rights, its users, advertisers, sponsors and suppliers.


The "cookie" is a small text file that is created by certain Web pages and stored by your browser in your hard drive. The cookies are harmless in that they cannot extract information from your hard drive, over which you have full control. MERGA INDUSTRIELS uses cookies mainly to create traffic on the Site, to transmit useful information to its marketing department, and to customize future use of the site. This technology does not systematically available for use by MERGA INDUSTRIELS of personal information we hold about you.


Navigate to the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page to validate or modify your personal information.


MERGA INDUSTRIELS does not guarantee a total efficiency or security. It is possible that a hacker manages to intrude in the server. It is important to keep in mind, PRIOR TO USING YOUR IDENTITY TO NAVIGATE AND/OR CONDUCT A TRANSACTION on, that it is always possible that a maleficent individual accesses the servers and uses, to his own means, certain personal information left by visitors or clients. IN NO CASE MERGA INDUSTRIELS, or any of its administrators, may be held liable for any hacking attempts or be blamed for whatever damage or lost that this could cause to a MERGA INDUSTRIELS user or a client.

The MERGA INDUSTRIELS site can experience occasional breakdowns and programming errors may be caused by updates or events independent from the will of administrators. When you shop online, you can verify if you are in a safe mode making sure the URL link (Web address) starts with https:// and not http://   

The lock icon of your browser window will confirm you are in safe mode.


MERGA INDUSTRIELS ensures that your email address will be used exclusively with your formal consent and for the purposes described in the TERMS & CONDITIONS.  We will do everything to prevent your email address to be saved by 'inforobots' or 'Webrovers'.  If you have reason to believe that your email address has been saved in such a way, please contact us immediately.


We can amend this Privacy policy, at any time, by posting said amendments on the MERGA INDUSTRIELS Website. All amendments automatically come into force after their initial posting on the MERGA INDUSTRIELS


Upon termination of the business relationship between your employer or company and us, if you choose, you can revoque your consent with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, at any moment. Following such a request, or a request with respect to the termination, deletion and deactivation of your account, we will close your account and remove your information from our systems as soon as reasonably possible, according to your account activity and to applicable law. We maintain a portion of the data from the closed accounts, separately from the information relative to active accounts, in order to abide by the law, to prevent frauds, to collect the outstanding amounts, to settle disputes, to solve problems, to contribute to an investigation, to abide our TERMS & CONDITIONS or to institute other measures required or permitted by law.