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Product Code: FEI69908038588

VersaDrive Countersinks 90°

The VersaDrive Countersink is a premium quality countersink with fully ground flutes and GoldMax Titanium coating to help reduce wear and blunting.

VersaDrive® Countersinks have a patented non-slip, Hex shank suitable for use in any standard 1/2" drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills or used with a VersaDrive Rapid Lock adapter for use in a wide range of powertools such as Magnetic Drills.

Utilise the convenience and power of an impact wrench to quickly debur and countersink holes up to 16.5mm with minimal torque kick-back against the operator.

Product Benefits

  • 1st Impact rated countersinks on the market
  • Specially hardened for impact wrench use up to 16.5mm
  • For countersunk bolt heads
  • Safer use with minimal kickback
  • 90º Point Angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads
  • High-Grade Tool Steel for high accuracy & long life
  • GoldMax low friction Titanium Coating to stop burn out
  • High Strength, Non-slip shank design

Quick Guide

  • Optimum life and performance when used with rotary pistol drills and mag drills
  • Can be used with impact tools up to 16.5mm for fastest performance
  • Suitable for use on harder materials such as stainless steel when used at reduced RPM
  • Not for use on plasma or flame cut holes
  • Use appropriate lubrication and correct RPM to achieve long tool life

VersaDrink Countersink FAQ Section

Q: What speed should I run my Countersink at?

The number one cause of blunt countersinks we see is them being used at too high a speed, particularly in single speed Magnet Drills only intended for drilling. As a rough rule of thumb Countersinks should be used at around 1/3 the speed you will drill a hole of the same diameter. The reccomended RPM for countersinking each diameter for different material grades can be seen in the Best Practice RPM guide.

Q: Can I use my impact wrench with VersaDrive Countersink Bits?

VersaDrive Countersink bits can be used up to 16.5mm or 5/8" with an impact wrench for light duty work and deburring. Beyond this diameter impact wrenches or drivers have too high an RPM for Countersinking which generally requires much slower RPM speeds.

Q: Which Lubricant do you recommend for Countersinking?

Speedlube is generally the best all purpose lubricant, for fast, convenient and accurate aerosol application ensuring coverage inside the hole as well as on the tool. However our BioCut paste is very popular and efficient lubricant for dipping the tool directly into the tin. It’s also great for minimising run off or mess, on painted surfaces or other sensitive applications where run off is to be avoided. Aeropaste can be used if working in applications such as Overhead where a fluid lubricant will run off. Finally BioCut Blue cutting fluid works particularly well with harder materials or difficult applications and is ideal forfor direct application onto the tool and into the hole when working on flat surfaces.

Q: Can I countersink Stainless Steel?

Yes, but you should reduce the RPM accordingly and use increased lubrication.

Q: Can I countersink Hardox and Wear Plate materials?

High speed steel tooling is not recommended for Countersinking Hardox and other wear plate materials due to the extreme surface hardness. Tungsten Carbide and specially coated tooling like the Ultra Coated TCT MultiSink.

Q: Can I countersink Laser or Plasma Cut holes?

Yes, but you should reduce the RPM accordingly and use increased lubrication and feed pressure. Reduced tool life should be expected due to the heat hardened surface, and probable rough edges of the hole causing uneven cutting and wear.

Q: Why has my countersink gone blunt?

Typically speaking if the Countersink has blunted sooner than you would have expected it to, the typical cause is using too high an RPM for the particular application causing the tool to wear and blunt prematurely. When used at recommended RPM and torque limits and all best practice is followed, you should expect excellent tool life.

Q: How can I access further technical support or submit a warranty claim for my VersaDrive Countersink?

Please click here to access our product support area and warranty claim forms. If making a warranty claim please fill in the appropriate warranty form, providing us with as much of the requested information as possible and one of our technical team will review the feedback and be in touch shortly.

Best Practice Advice - How to get the best out of your 603060 Countersink

  • Follow guidelines to set correct RPM speed. Incorrect RPM can lead to poor life or tool breakage
  • Apply firm, steady feed pressure throughout the cut
  • Avoid lateral movement or tilting which can cause damage to the tool
  • Ensure regular application of quality cooling lubricant, especially when drilling thick or hardened materials.
  • Hardened or heat-affected materials may require higher torque, reduced RPM and feed rates and extra coolant
  • Ensure a debris free surface of sufficient steel thickness for strong magnet hold when Magnet Drilling.
  • Use at highest available Gear setting (for maximum torque) and use electronic tachometer to set RPM at recommended speed (or slower for difficult applications)
  • Best countersinking results are achieved using a variable speed drill that allows the correct speed to be set. Use at correct RPM (if unsure use tachometer to check drill speed)
  • Piloted Countersink Bits (like the MultiSink) will significantly increase countersinking performance preventing movement of the countersink whilst drilling.

How to decide which Impact Wrench or Impact Driver to use?

  • Identify the torque range (for the cutting tool) required using the data sheet in question 2.
  • Identify the torque range on your impact wrench or impact driver
  • Look up model number to see torque range
  • Check if there are speed/torque settings on the tool - Example
  • Select the closest torque setting on the impact wrench/impact driver ABOVE the torque recommendation
  • (this is for the following 2 reasons)
  • - Higher torque will only be used on demand
  • - Too low torque will lead to the tool jamming or even snapping as the flutes stop cutting and the torque transfers to the tool
  • N.B. Impact use is only recommended for Countersinking up to 16.5mm


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