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Product Code: FEI69908038566


VersaDrive TCT Holecutters are a high performance solution for cutting larger diameter holes quickly and effectively. Premium grade Tungsten carbide teeth provide ultimate cutting performance in a wide range of Structural steels including Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.

The go-to solution for fabricators and steel erectors needing to drill through heavy steel in locations and on projects where a rotary drill is more convenient and safer than a Magnetic drill.

VersaDrive TCT Holecutters have a patented non-slip, Hex shank suitable for use in any standard 1/2" drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills or used with a VersaDrive Rapid Lock adapter for use in a wide range of powertools such as Magnetic Drills.

Product Benefits

  • Massive 70mm reach with 55mm depth of cut
  • Premium quality Tungsten Carbide teeth
  • Perfect for drilling heavy steel in remote locations
  • Use in standard 1/2" drill chuck
  • Use with magnet drill adapter
  • One piece design includes arbor & (replaceable) pilot drill
  • Combine with the multisink tool to broach & countersink in one operation
  • High strength, non-slip shank design

Quick Guide

  • Optimum life and performance when used with rotary pistol drills
  • Good results can be achieved with SDS Drills when used in Rotary Only mode
  • Replace supplied pilot drill with 101030P-0003 ejector pin for use with a Magnet Drill or MultiSink
  • Suitable for use on Stainless Steel
  • Use appropriate lubrication and correct RPM to achieve long tool life

VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters FAQ Section

Q: Can I use my impact wrench with VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters

VersaDrive TCT Holecutters are not recommended for impact use in hard materials such as structural steel, due to the high rotation speed of impact wrenches.

Q: What is the maximum thickness steel I can drill with VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters

They are designed for use in heavy duty steelworking applications and come in a range of cutting depths.The standard 101030 HoleCutter has a 55mm cutting depth capacity, and we have seen and tested customers drilling steel 50mm+ thickness for structural steel and bridge strengthening projects.Meanwhile the new 101035 Extra Long HoleCutters have a reach of 120mm with an effective cutting depth of 100mm.

Q: How many holes can I expect VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters to last

We have many customer reports and testimonials of our TCT HoleCutters lasting hundreds of holes. However cutting tools are often used in a tough environment, sometimes with less than ideal working conditions so it can vary widely depending on the application and the user life expectancy. If you are getting less than 100 holes as a rule of thumb we can look at your application and most likely suggest some improvements to help increase life expectancy.

Q: Can I use the VersaDrive TCT HoleCutter with an extension arbor

Yes the VersaDrive TCT Holecutter is the only holesaw product on the market that can be readily fitted into the VersaDrive extension arbors to allow additional reach for difficult access applications.

Q: Can I use VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters for drilling stainless and other hard materials

VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters are suitable for drilling stainless steel, cast iron, bridge steel and other hard materials. For optimum tool life we recommend using reduced RPM speeds in rotary drills.

Q: Which Lubricant do you recommend for VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters

Speedlube is generally the best all purpose lubricant, for fast, convenient and accurate aerosol application ensuring coverage inside the hole as well as on the tool. However our BioCut paste is very popular and efficient lubricant for dipping the tool directly into the tin. It’s also great for minimising run off or mess, on painted surfaces or other sensitive applications where run off is to be avoided. Aeropaste can be used if working in applications such as Overhead where a fluid lubricant will run off. Finally BioCut Blue cutting fluid works particularly well with harder materials or difficult applications and is ideal forfor direct application onto the tool and into the hole when working on flat surfaces.

Q: Why has the pilot drill broken

The nature of using TCT HoleCutters in rotary drills means that it can be very hard to stop the Drill catching and twisting unexpectedly causing the pilot pin to break. This isn't a warranty failure of the pilot drill. The best practice solution to overcome this is to remove the pilot drill and pre-drill the hole first (at a high speed) and then refit the pilot drill or use a solid ejector pin as a guide to keep the holecutter cutting true.

Q: How can i access further technical support or submit a warranty claim for my VersaDrive TCT HoleCutter

Please click here to access our product support area and warranty claim forms. If making a warranty claim please fill in the appropriate warranty form, providing us with as much of the requested information as possible and one of our technical team will review the feedback and be in touch shortly.

Best Practice Advice - How to get the best out of your 101030 HoleCutter

  • Centre punch or pilot drill the surface for accurate hole start
  • Follow guidelines to set correct RPM speed. Incorrect RPM can lead to poor life or tool breakage
  • Apply firm, steady feed pressure throughout the cut, applying the feed very slowly and cautiously during the first 1mm of cut
  • Avoid lateral movement or tilting which can cause damage to the tool
  • Ensure regular application of quality cooling lubricant, especially when drilling thick or hardened materials.
  • Hardened or heat-affected materials may require higher torque, reduced RPM and feed rates and extra coolant
  • When using a Magnet Drill regularly check that the slides, handles, arbors and movable parts have not vibrated loose over time.
  • Ensure a debris free surface of sufficient steel thickness for strong magnet hold when Magnet Drilling.
  • For drilling holes in steel thicker than 25mm it is recommended to ventilate the hole frequently to clear the swarf.
  • For thicker materials, predrill 6.35mm pilot drill first and use then sprung pilot drill or pilot pin as a guide.


VersaDrive® TCT HoleCutter - High performance, heavy duty metal cutting

VersaDrive ® TCT HoleCutter overview presentations 2018

VersaDrive Holecutter upgrade kit - faster, more accurate pilot drilling & stronger pilot pin

VersaDrive® 111010 Extension Arbor - 300mm (12") (Upgraded to 111015-300 Rapid Lock version)

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