Our B2B program applies to our regular clients that already have an account. This highly advanced program is inspired by the best practices in regards with the "business to business" commerce. It essentially consists is an online software application to help you better manage your purchases, orders and more.

The advantages of our B2B program

24/7 Secured multilingual control panel

Access your secured control panel in the language of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are.

Multiple delivery addresses

You have several production facilities geographically dispersed and you would like to manage your purchases independently for each of one? With our B2B program, anything is possible. You can create multiple delivery addresses and ask the item to be delivered to any location.

Purchasing lists and carts management

With our B2B program, you can create as many lists and purchasing carts as needed, add products and order whenever needed.

Customized Catalog with your own product codes

At your request, we can create a customized catalog with your own codes and only show the products you want to buy. This approach can highly simplify the works of your buyers that will not have to search in a catalog of a hundred of thousands of products.

Purchasing and invoice history online

Our B2B system offers the possibility to consult your previous orders and invoices at any moment, wherever you are.

Frequently ordered products

Consult the list of products that you order most often and add them rapidly to your lists for a fast order.

Automatic recurrent orders

With our B2B program, no more inventory shortage. You can create recurrent automatic orders, program their frequency and choose the place of delivery.

Advanced management of purchasing with multi-users approval process

Efficiently manage your purchases is one of the key factors to your success. In fact, an inventory shortage can lead to productivity lag, important costs and loss of clients.

The purchasing management is precisely one of the most profitable elements of our B2B program. You will be able to use several online applications to enable a better management of your purchases in a multi-user context, complex multi-warehouse.

With our B2B application you can easily create three types of users, each with its respective role to play in the purchasing process:

  • The Administrator: His role is to manage the overall system. He can create users and configure rules and permissions for each of them. He can also approve and place orders.
  • The Approver: His role if to buy products or goods. His role is to approve the orders created by regular users. He can also place orders.
  • The Regular user: He works in the shop. His role is to place orders and to ensure there is no out of stock for the production. He must get the approval for his orders by the Approver or the Administrator.

Our B2B system is extremely flexible and can be configured by our technicians in order to adapt to your purchasing process and needs.

Advanced Purchasing Rules for group and user

The B2B application enables the configuration of advanced purchasing rules for group and user. Here is the purchasing rules that can be configured:

  • Restriction on the maximal and minimal amount of an order or a product;
  • Restriction on categories of products;
  • Restriction on delivery addresses;
  • Restriction on the number of orders per day.

When can I begin using the B2B application?

If you already have a client account with MERGA INDUSTRIELS, you can already use the B2B application.

If you do not have a client account with us, please visit the Becoming a client page of your Website and follow the instructions to open an account.

To learn more about this program, contact us at 450-668-5010 or toll free at 1-866-668-5010.


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